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Technology and Business save the world

Not the headline you typically see.  We usually hear that our technology is the source of all our problems.  Business is also the villain in most of the stories we hear today.  While it is true that we have a number of new problems that have come from our social experiments involving business and technology, […]

Payroll is due next week!

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of business owner like the cadence of payroll when contracts are scarce. This is the primary reason why businesses don’t grow, because of uncertainty around how revenue grows when the number of people in the company increase. This is also why salaries don’t increase, the risk and the money […]

Tiny Learning Machines

Google has everyone talking about their new Google Assistant that can make a voice call and almost master simple tasks with all the nuance of a person.  We are seeing the tip of the iceberg as the dominant tech companies roll out various tools of Artificial Intelligence. The long awaited and maybe dreaded day of […]

How to turn an Idea into a Product

Did you wake up this morning with an idea for something that you just know everyone will want?  Have you ever looked at something, just a little differently, and then bang, you see a whole innovative approach that you know is better?  Is there a problem that has annoyed you so much, that you are […]

The Death of the Computer

The first computer that I put my hands on was a Kaypro.  My older brother got a job as a programmer and this was his instrument.  It was a “portable” computer that was in a box that looked more like a sewing machine than a computer.  The bottom of this “box” unlatched and revealed a […]