Transcend Innovations vision is to design innovative products that change the paradigm of the industry. We believe that great products only come from people that love what they do and then reflect that in their design. To support our vision, we have a team of innovative engineers, designers and product managers that love designing new products. This team of people is ready to go to take on new challenges and put their creative skills into the next new thing.

We understand each customer needs and adapt our services from faster product development to reducing your product cost. Our customers can entrust the product design and development to us and focus more on what they do best. Our engineers are adept at the latest technologies and can work on a range of innovative products.

Our experience in a wide array of industries makes us the right company for understanding our customer’s needs. Contact us today to see the difference that comes from working with a dedicated, motivated team that uses a disciplined process aimed to deliver quality results.

Orlin Wetzker

CEO / Innovation Architect

Orlin is a visionary who sees a future in unlocking human potential.  With a quarter century of experience improving business processes and developing new products, he understands the keys to successful product launches.  Orlin has done consulting for many of the nations top corporations including: Intel, Boeing, Roche, P&G and Lilly.  His consulting has focused on implementing project management systems to both improve time to market and increase project completion predictability.  Assessing the product development system in these excellent companies, Orlin has deep insight into how products are developed and what motivates people to perform within these systems.

After 14 years working in the corporate world, Orlin turned to the world of startups.  Orlin worked on the management team of a solar startup bringing order to chaos and energy of the exceptional team.  He learned firsthand how ambitious goals can both put “wind in the sails” and “crash you into the rocks”.  Seeing the product succeed technically and then be crushed as investors lost their desire to move forward, important lessons were learned about the need for transparency in the realities of product development.

Orlin moved on continuing his passion for entrepreneurial pursuits by starting a Business Consulting practice with Transcend Management.  He helped a ranged of different businesses and entrepreneurs improve and grow their business.  He volunteered with Entrepreneur Launch Pad (ELP) and helped develop curriculum for getting through the early stages of product market research and business model development.  He guided a technology company in getting a prototype design installed at multiple customer sites.  He provided assessments to multiple businesses looking to make improvements to profitability.  He helped a product development company grow 300% in one year, implementing a culture that attracted both employees and customers.

Orlin founded Transcend Innovations to continue his passion for helping bring new products to life.  Transcend Innovations is a computer company, an employment engine and an entrepreneur springboard all tied together.  Orlin’s experience in product development, project management and business model innovation makes him the right person to guide Transcend Innovations to a successful future.

Missy Wetzker

President / Business Development

Missy is the heart of Transcend Innovations.  Missy has more than a quarter century of experience in setting up awesome work environments and providing excellent customer service.  Working in industries as diverse as Travel, Medical, Dental and Product Development, she has a history of increasing sales, improving business processes and making everyone’s day just a little bit better. Missy has served in many key community leadership positions running a large organization in providing help and assistance to those in need.  Missy was the key in organizing a community around expanding her local schools education for autistic children by incorporating an ABA program that became a model for the state.

Missy is a founder of Transcend Innovations and a key member of the business strategy team.  Missy loves to learn people’s stories and is excited to get to know new customers, team member and partners.

Jesse Smith

Senior Engineer

Jesse brings a unique inventive spirit and energetic problem-solving ability to Transcend Innovations. All of his life he has had an insatiable desire to learn, experiment, and invent! His specific Electrical Engineering specialization, along with his problem-solving knack, and broader-ranging experience in a variety of science and engineering disciplines have caused Jesse to be immediately successful throughout four years of experience in Systems Engineering at a major defense contractor.

In his personal life, Jesse enjoys exploring nature through back-country backpacking and mountain biking. His secretly can’t wait until his adorable two-year-old daughter can help him put together his frequent science experiments at home and hopes that his wife will tolerate them (the science experiments) well into the future!
Jesse is an enthusiastic member of the Transcend Innovations team; absolutely thrilled at the challenge of coming up with clever solutions to customers’ needs and the opportunity to make their products come to life!



Taylor is pursuing his bachelor’s in Accounting & Finance and intends to graduate in April 2018. He has experience in private equity accounting and financial accounting. He dreams of being a dual threat accountant and lawyer to help provide wide covering business services. Taylor enjoys all sports, the outdoors and anything related to music.

Praveen Medisetti

Mechanical Engineer

Praveen graduated from the Utah state university with MS in Mechanical engineering. He also has an MBA in finance and operations with emphasis on project management. Before joining the Transcend team, Praveen worked as a Mechanical Engineer in automobile and electronics manufacturing industry designing and developing mechanical components. He is experienced in 3D modeling, assembly, and analysis using software’s like SolidWorks, CATIA, AutoCAD, and FEMAP. His experience also includes thermal, finite element analysis, mold flow simulation, and mold tools.

Praveen is passionate about bringing concepts and ideas to reality and keeps working towards gaining knowledge in new methods and technologies in the field of manufacturing. His background experience in finance, operations, and design gives Praveen a unique ability to find the right balance between manufacturability, cost, and design.



Miranda is a Junior at the University of Utah, intending to major in Chemical Engineering and minor in Computer Science. She plans on using her experience in chemistry and electronics to help bridge the gap between the two fields when designing alternative energy sources. Consumer electronics have been a real treat for her design and she absolutely loves being able to intern at such an innovative company. 

Right now Miranda is an intern, which involves doing anything the senior staff thinks will be helpful, it ranges from designing prototypes, to documentation, to cleaning the office, to software and hardware design, and everything in between. She loves being able to do something new every day and help design new, helpful, and innovative products. 

When she’s not working Miranda is usually either hiking, studying, or reading some type of comic book. 




Adin is an Air Force brat who has lived all over the world. He loves to explore and see new places. When it comes to engineering he is always looking for new and interesting ideas and technologies. He has an avid interest in home automation, amateur radio, and robotics.


Electrical Engineer


Levi has a bachelors degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Utah State University. He has broad experience in the electrical realm ranging from drafting for a professional power distribution engineer, troubleshooting electrical problems at a nuclear facility at the Idaho National Laboratory, to embedded system hardware design. He is passionate about problem solving and is excited about using his designs to help people.

Ben Wetzker

Director of Operations

Ben graduated from Rush University Medical Center with a Masters in Health Systems Management. He has a passion for helping people reach their potential and work in fulfilling collaborative settings. He wants to help make healthcare work better for the general population through technology and common-sense policy. He hopes to help Transcend grow and take on more challenging, exciting projects in the future.

Ben is married to his wife, Natalie. Natalie is a make-up artist or an expert at making one beautiful. They both love to snowboard, hike, and play any sport. Ben is an avid movie watcher and critic (much to his friends’ and family’s chagrin). He is, unfortunately, a life-long 49ers fan. For more information, feel free to ask him anything..


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– John Wooden