Our mission is to be the engine that gets innovative products to market at the best value.  It can’t be luck for us to deliver excellent value.  We base our product development process on two well established truths:

  • The fastest way to get a product to market is to do things right the first time, no matter how long it takes!
  • The cheapest way to get a product to market is to do things right the first time, no matter how much it costs!

Doing things the right way is the only way to drive for consistent results and to deliver exceptional value.  We are obsessed with learning the “right” way to do everything and then deliver on that promise. 

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Gotta Love Chips

Silicon chips have been changing the world for over a generation.  They have made global communication possible, expanded our vision, and enabled countless adventures.

At Transcend Innovations we take the power of the chip and use it in innovative ways for our customers.  We are a “computer” company that creates custom computer solutions for our customers.  We design tiny computers to do specific tasks like:

  • Communicate with other devices – Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, LoRa, RF, CAN, etc.
  • Displays – HD, touch, LED, etc.
  • Triggers – buttons, IR, motion, sensors, etc.
  • Controls – motors, relays, computational
  • Output – Audio, Video, Haptic
  • Power Sources – AC, DC, Battery, Renewable, etc.

We help you find the right chips, for your application to provide a low cost and powerful solution to make your product smart.  How would a $20 computer change your world?

Firmware Development

What is firmware?  Firmware is the software that tells the electronics how to operate.  The world of firmware is rarely seen by users, but it is what makes our experience with computers happen and it is needed for almost every product that has a circuit board.
At Transcend Innovations, our firmware is different and better because we do it right.  How do we do it right?   By following a proven process for making sure the code we deliver is well tested, production quality code.  We take these steps with our code development:

  • Customer requirements are defined up front
  • A well documented and agile firmware architecture is established right out of the gate
  • Tests are written prior to writing any code
  • An industry recognized coding standard is rigorously followed and enforced
  • All firmware is maintained and tracked under version control
  • No code is released without first being passed through our suite of code analysis tools
  • Regular code reviews are conducted
  • An agile approach is taken where the requirement is adopted, the test is developed and the code is written all within a micro-cycle

By following these guidelines, we ensure that all of our code, regardless of the development state of the project, is released as a production quality code.

Electronic Design

The tiny electron has brought profound changes into our life.  Through its power, we have communication, transportation, cooling, heat, entertainment, intelligence and more.  All that power starts with the design of a circuit.  Transcend Innovations has the expertise to harness the power of the electron with reliable circuits that minimize your product cost.


Our approach to Electronic design is to achieve extremely high reliability in the most cost-effective way possible.  Each electronic design is the combination of hundreds of parts that all need to be connected by circuit boards, wires, and connectors. We stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements to make sure that the very best in process and technology is being used to produce the best designs.

From drawing board to production

Design and manufacturing are considered simultaneously at Transcend Innovations.  We work closely with manufacturers to make sure our designs are compatible with how our designs will be manufactured.  This ensures even greater product cost savings as the design moves into production.

Safety and Certification

Electronic designs are subject to a variety of regulatory standards, especially for mass-produced products.  Transcend Innovations provides support in getting products through the regulatory hurdles including FCC, UL, CE, FDA, FAA, CCC, etc.

Transcend Innovations is excited to get your product ready for mass market and significantly reduce your product cost.  Come experience the difference that comes with a passion for design and innovation.

Rapid Prototyping

Our world is moving fast and advances in technology are making it possible to move even faster.  Transcend Innovations is here to help you get your product concept off the napkin and into your hand.  We have a set of building blocks that we use to pull your product idea together fast:

  • Eliminate Product Uncertainty –  Develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that meets the needs of your customer and is something they actually want to purchase.
  • Utilize Cutting-Edge Resources  – Create your product with state of the art tools and processes; ensuring a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Prepare for the Future – Tap into our extensive manufacturing network to be capable of producing your product at the volume and time you need it.

Product Management

The idea that sparks the journey to get a product to market lacks the details necessary for product success.  Decisions big and small need to be made for the complete product to be well received in the market.


Transcend Innovations takes pride in our product management capability.  It is the heart of our business system and our most valued asset.  The act of transforming a product idea into a product is full of challenges and obstacles.  For most taking this journey, it is a completely uncharted territory.  Even those that have done it before realize that each new product has its own challenges. Our team at Transcend has the experience necessary to guide you to a successful product launch.


Our product management includes world-class project management.  We plan our projects using Prochain Project Management, a software and Planning methodology that has been implemented in major corporations around the world to reduce time to market and improve on-time performance.  This service comes standard with our product development packages to ensure that your product is developed quickly and delivered as promised.

Business Training and Mentoring

Starting a business has many facets and it is time-consuming to learn about all that is needed. Transcend Innovations provides our own course of study surrounding the startup of a product based business.  Our course material gives you the insight into the many considerations that surround getting your business moving.

Custom Course Plans

Our courses are designed to fit not only into your schedule but into where you are at as a business.  For our development customers, we can provide training as your product is in development.  With each course providing relevant material that you will be applying immediately, you will be prepared to guide your business to success.
In addition, our staff has decades of industry experience beyond our course material and can provide mentoring for your specific needs.  Whether it is an occasional session or regular meetings, our team of experts can help give you with the advise you need to keep your business healthy and vibrant.

Technical Mentoring

Seeing a problem from a different perspective can sometimes be all that is needed to solve a vexing problem.  Our team of technical experts have the unique ability to approach problems from a variety of angles.  We see a wide variety of products and ideas come at us and we have worked in a range of industries so our perspective is almost always unique.  If you are stuck on a difficult technical challenge, or maybe you want to find a new way to improve the performance or reduce product cost, spending a little time with Transcend’s technical team may just be the trick.
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