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Current Openings

Electrical Engineer Intern

Do you design for fun?  Do you find yourself searching for the latest components on adafruit, digikey or ebay?  Have you stayed up all night building a custom Linux kernel?  Do you find that learning new stuff energizes you?  If you said yes to any of these questions, we may be your home away from home.

We are Transcend Innovations and we love to Innovate (that’s why we have the name)!  We do the work that takes an idea and turns it into a business.  Specifically, we focus on products that have custom circuits at their core.  We design and program those circuits to make sure they deliver exactly what the customer wants.  We make our customers happy, by doing great work.  We make our team happy by giving them a variety of unique products to develop a supportive team structure.  Happy teams make great products.  We believe that to the core.

Our intern program is designed to give our interns a chance to really find out if this is really what they want to do.  You will get to be a part of the team.  You will get to do real work.  You will not be bored.  You will likely be challenged.  Our interns will know much more than their peers back at school because they will get hands-on experience doing real work and working directly with a group of awesome engineers.

Is this for you?  Send us a note and let us know why you can’t wait to be a part of our team.  Our application process is only beginning of how we are different.  Here are some of the responsibilities and requirements we are looking for in our interns:


  • Defining of engineering requirements for electrical circuits and components
  • Selecting of relevant electrical components with emphasis on design for product manufacturability
  • Creating schematic and layout for a variety of electronic product systems
  • Debugging and bringing up of electronics, including logging and communicating defects for future revisions
  • Close collaboration between hardware and firmware design team members.


  • Currently working towards BS, MS or advanced degree in a relevant engineering program
  • Thorough understanding of electronic design concepts
  • Enthusiasm for innovation and self-motivation for problem-solving
  • Organization and discipline for self-documented design and team communication
  • Capability to understand technical datasheets and select appropriate ICs
  • Experience in schematic and layout with at least one electronic CAD tool for schematic capture (Eagle, Altium)
  • Experience using basic lab equipment including oscilloscope, digital analyzers, and tools to construct and modify circuits during design debug
  • Experience working in an engineering team in a rewarding environment with motivations for quality and efficiency in work
  • Ability to work a minimum of 30 hours a week on-site in our location in Ogden, Utah

Apply now by sending your resume to jobs@transcendinnovations.com