Technology and Business save the world

Not the headline you typically see.  We usually hear that our technology is the source of all our problems.  Business is also the villain in most of the stories we hear today.  While it is true that we have a number of new problems that have come from our social experiments involving business and technology, they both have done marvelous good in the world while having their share of headaches.  More important than what they have achieved is what they can do to help us solve the problems we face today.

What are the problems plaguing the world today?  Poverty, Hunger, War, Climate Change, Water Shortage, Trump?  Whatever the problem is, the solution involves driving change, a change of habits, a change in perspective, a change of action.  Business and Technology have been successful in getting people to change.  The telephone got people talking who you couldn’t see.  The mobile phone made it so that you could talk to another person anywhere that they went. Now the smartphone has teenagers not talking to anyone.  While the changes may not be exactly what we wanted, the changes in technology have instigated the changes in our behaviors. It is through the business model that we have access to that new technology.

The thing about business is that it creates value. We decide to buy something because what we are buying is more valuable than the cash in our pocket. A business sells something for more than it costs to make it.  The difference between the cost to produce and the selling price is the value created by the business, we also call that profits.  A business is, selfishly, motivated to create more and more value by continuing to produce those products. Imagine if businesses decided not to keep creating value. No food in the grocery stores, no products on Amazon, no restaurants, etc.  The thing is, businesses are encouraged to keep on doing what they are doing, and that is a great thing.

The simple point is if we want to fix the problems we see in the world today, we need to start businesses that have solutions to those problems. Take water shortage as a problem.  Water shortage is something that hits us on multiple fronts as water is needed for a range of things.  As water gets more expensive we will become more concerned about how we can use less water.  We’ll be looking for devices that reduce the amount of water used or eliminate the need for water entirely.  Businesses that make those devices, and creatively sell them will be how this problem is solved. While it may seem odd to solve a problem by profiting off the solution it is the way that we ensure that the solutions continue to come.  Businesses that forget that they need to continue to provide value in new ways will be overcome by the upshot company that sees where the market is not working. Maybe not the perfect solution, but it does work.

If you have been wondering how you can make a difference with all the problem in the world, maybe you could consider starting a business to provide a solution. It takes tremendous courage to get started and it is not without risk. You don’t have to go it alone and usually, you will need help. What is great is that help is available to those that look for help. If you have an idea but no money, start searching for ways to finance your idea.  If you have money but don’t know where to start, look around and find a cause you can get passionate about. I started my company, Transcend Innovations, to help turn those ideas into profitable businesses to try and make this a better world.  We help to shape the idea into a product that will add value to the market.  There are so many problems looking for a solution, we just need people willing to take the leap and bring solutions to the world. Are you one of those people?