Tiny Learning Machines

Google has everyone talking about their new Google Assistant that can make a voice call and almost master simple tasks with all the nuance of a person.  We are seeing the tip of the iceberg as the dominant tech companies roll out various tools of Artificial Intelligence. The long awaited and maybe dreaded day of truly smart machines has arrived.  What does all this mean for our future?

While the walking and talking robots are the devices which are trying to bring intelligence to life, more likely is that this intelligence will come in a much smaller scale.  The real advantage of AI is in what it can do for sensors and control devices.  We already can make very small and cheap programmable devices, by adding machine learning to those devices we can dramatically increase their capability and use.  We can make them even more energy efficient while allowing them to provide better information.  Small devices that can decode human voices, better catch environmental changes, and control devices based on being taught by the user instead of being programmed set commands.  What might some of these tiny learning machines actually do?

In the home

Tiny sensors that have small batteries and recharge via indoor solar panels or even breezes through the house.  Sensors listen and see what is happening and communicate wireless to a central controller.  Being smart they know when something actually changes and don’t do anything until they are alarmed.  They learn the difference between the window being broke and a dish breaking.  They can recognize those that are regularly in the house and those that are guests or strangers.  They can listen and respond to voice commands, without sending requests out to the cloud.

In the world

If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?  We can make tiny and cheap sensors that can sprinkle the earth and let us know what is happening in places that we can’t observe.  From finding new species and plants to better understanding our climate, we have so much more to learn about this world we live in.  By having smart devices we can just learn what is relevant, what is truly unique instead of getting raw data.

Eliminate redundancy

In each of our lives, we end up doing many redundant and tedious tasks.  Simple things to do but they just take time and energy away from other more important activities.  If we can easily teach our devices to do new tasks, we have the ability to have our devices help us.  This was where programming and software started, but now the age of AI is opening up the idea that we can all become teachers and trainers for our devices.

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